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“Those resources will include, but are not limited to, housing, tuition, therapy, legal services, mentors, day care vouchers for their children, counseling and more.” In its email to The Bee, organization officials said they “also continue to work with law enforcement, schools and other groups, making presentations and training programs about sex trafficking for more than 2,000 people over the last four months alone. “We are working on new efforts with prisons, district attorney offices and others to educate people about sex trafficking and how to identify it,” the email stated. With its Sacramento-area home closed, Courage Worldwide is focusing on its operation in Tanzania, where it says it operates a home that houses 11 girls and two babies. The group was able to purchase a larger property it says can accommodate 40 to 45 girls as a result of a fundraiser by a San Pedro Lutheran congregation that raised $60,000. Pastor Nathan Hoff of Trinity Lutheran Church said his congregation was moved to raise the funds after he visited the operation in Tanzania with two close friends – Stephanie and Joel Midthun, who work with Courage House. Hoff told The Bee that he had never before met Williamson and that he was aware of media coverage of Courage House’s difficulties in the past year. “We did our due diligence and looking into financials, and where there were concerns we got on the phones and said, ‘What about this?’ ” Hoff said. “And I’d say every conversation increased our sobriety and also our confidence that we were on the right track and feeling this was a right use of our resources.” Hoff said he believes the operation in Tanzania provides an important service, but said there have been no conversations about helping to reopen the Northern California home. “We have a great sense of call and excitement about what’s going on in Tanzania, and we’re just very excited about the future,” Hoff said, adding that his church has never before raised funds for an outside organization.

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