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What a wonderful surprise for all of us, Kile said. We thought we were here tonight to just shake the car down because we had handling issues the last time we raced. But this is definitely a great way to start a season. Triolo had his hands full with Bobby Huckaby Sr. who finished third. In the early part of the race, 2016 champion Robert Gallaher challenged Triolo for the lead but handling issues dropped him to fourth place. Watsonvilles Jerry Skelton finished fifth. Triolo and Huckaby were heat race winners. South Bay Dwarf Cars Shawn Jones of San Jose outpowered the first heat race winner Camron Diatte to win the 20-lap South Bay Dwarf car main event. Ryan Winter of Galt also passed Diatte to finish second. Diatte finished 3.5 seconds ahead of Marty Weisler of Campbell and Scott Dahlgren of Ballico.

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