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The billboards feature elements of the California state flag, such as a white background with a red stripe and star and the California grizzly bear. Off to the left side is the word  “resist” in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese, a testament to the state’s diversity. The hashtag #StayLoud is imprinted at the bottom. “This campaign is about encouraging all Californians to make sure their voice is heard. That our voice is heard in Washington. That our voice is heard here in the capital in Sacramento,” said Zingale. He says the aim of the billboards is to promote “California values,’ regardless of political party or affiliation – the values that make California the powerhouse that it is today. “Californians, of all parties, regardless of which candidates you like or don’t like, which politician you like or don’t like, we want your voice to be heard,” he says. But critics are also getting loud about concerns over the campaign – and it’s message of political inclusion. “The negativity that they are trying to drive, the cynicism that they are trying to compel as their main message frame, is exactly what turns people off to the political process,” says Mike Madrid, who has been a Republican political consultant for the past 20 years. Madrid says he admires that campaign for attempting to get people politically engaged and for reaching out to diverse communities.

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