Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

Having a freshly cleaned carpet in your home is one of the best feelings in the world. The house smells fresh and clean and all the eyesores of old stains are long gone. If you want to help maintain the clean appearance, feel and smell of your carpet after hiring one of the best carpet cleaning Sacramento Companies, there are a few maintenance tips you can utilize.

First, do not vacuum your carpet, or even walk on it if possible, until it is completely dry. Water attracts dirt and by allowing it to fully dry first, the amount of dirt that finds its way back into your carpet after getting Sacramento carpet cleaning done will be reduced. Once the carpet is dry and you return to your regular cleaning schedule, be sure to vacuum often. The benefits of this are many. Not only will the appearance of the carpet be maintained, but the wear and tear on your carpet will be much less as well. Dirt wedged in between carpet fibers are like thousands of damaging little knives cutting through the fibers.

Since you will be increasing the frequency with which you vacuum, you should change the bag inside the vacuum often to help keep dust particles down. If you have a bag-less vacuum, change the filter inside as frequently as the manufacturer suggests. A full vacuum or one with an old filter will not do the job of cleaning the dust and sand out of the carpet that the kids dragged in from one of the many parks in Sacramento or perhaps Sacramento County.

Another thing you can do to maintain the appearance of your carpet after having it cleaned by a professional Sacramento carpet cleaning company is to take your shoes off. Mud, dirt, water and all other kinds of things can be left at the door step when you get in the habit of taking off your shoes inside the house. This is virtually imperative if you have light colored carpet anyway.

Still, socks can track dirt from the entryway of your home, so invest in a doormat to go on the outside of your front door and a rug to be placed on the inside entrance. This will catch the dirt and prevent your Sacramento carpet cleaning from being ruined. You can shake out the rug every so often and even run it through the wash. This is much easier than having your carpets cleaned again!

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