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The California Highway Patrol arrested Brandon Rotolo, 24, on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana and vehicular manslaughter. Last week's tragedy is the sort law enforcement officials fear may become more common after California voters approved Proposition 64 legalizing recreational pot in November. The state will become the world's largest cannabis market. Police across California are scrambling to keep up by increasing training as they prepare to spot drug-impaired drivers. Their task is made more difficult because there is no presumed level of intoxication in California, unlike the 0.08 percent blood level for alcohol, and drugs affect everyone differently. But driving impaired remains illegal, no matter the substance. Police were set to demonstrate how they currently conduct roadside drugged-driving tests near the state Capitol on Wednesday. Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, and the California Police Chiefs Association also planned to demonstrate a portable saliva test that proponents said could one day be widely used to screen for the recent use of six drugs. Lackey, a former California Highway Patrol member, carried a bill two years ago that would have allowed police to use the cheek-swab oral fluid device to test for drugs in much the same way as officers currently use breathalyzers to test drivers' blood alcohol level, though his bill died in its first committee.

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