The Inside Track On No-nonsense Tactics Of Sem In Roseville California

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It would take a 20 percent increase to get to where Roseville is at, 25 percent to reach the California Highway Patrol (CHP), 22 percent for the Sheriff's department, even for Stockton who's had financial hardships it's at 20 percent and the gap reaches as high as 73 percent when comparing to Oakland. When asked if other police departments in the area have implemented bonuses like this to keep officers from leaving, Davis said "this is an extremely unusual action of the city" and also added "[It's] Very unique. We have a problem no one else in the region has." The aforementionedbonuses is a temporary fix with the upcoming contract negotiations between both parties. The contract expires in June, so they only have a couple of months to negotiate and reach an agreement, even though the departmentreached out to the city in early 2016. "If we don't negotiate something by June, it's likely it will take another year through arbitration," Davis said. "[Then] You're going to see a full exodus." Cities like Sacramento and San Jose are losing their officers to surrounding suburbs. Not only are there pay issues, but workload comes into account when considering a lower percentage opportunity of being hurt or killed on the job, the lower crime rates in suburbs and etc. San Jose, unlike Sacramento, just recently completed their contract and approximately$5,000 bonuses per officer was negotiated. Davis believes a city like San Jose is the kind of model they want, despite a 23 percent salary increase between the two cities.

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