Uncovered Insights On Locating Root Issues For Reputation Management In Sacramento California

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The four victims were discovered when police broke into the Sacramento home after a relative reported that something might be wrong. Police did not immediately identify the victims or provide their genders or ages. Kelly Fong Rivas, deputy chief of staff for Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, said police told officials that two of the victims were children but did not provide other details. Steinberg called the crime horrifying and extremely tragic in a statement praising police for quickly making an arrest. The unidentified suspect was likely known by the victims and was being held in San Francisco, Sacramento police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein said. "Preliminarily this does not appear to be a random act," Heinlein said. Police said they had not yet determined a motive. The single-story beige home with sculpted shrubbery has a basketball hoop in a driveway that police blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. It's located in a tree-lined residential neighborhood of neatly maintained homes near a church.

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